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Meeting was called to order at 20:04 with 27 present.

Jeff was not present tonight and Robert presided over the meeting. Robert welcomed everyone to the meeting. The meeting was broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. The microphone was passed around. Testing was being conducted in the other room.

The minutes for the February meeting were sent to Chris but not posted on the web. Joanne will send the February and March minutes to Ray so that he can post them and they will be voted on at the next meeting.

Old Business:

Randy suggested that the SFFMA and the Dade Radio Club By-Laws be compared so that the Dade Radio Club’s By-Laws can be amended to add Repeater Trustees. The SFFMA website was discussed because it has a lot of information on it. It will remain. It was further discussed that any Dade Radio Club business should be sent only to Dade Radio Club members. Make sure that you put your email address on your membership form when renewing your membership and paying your dues for the year 2008. Sam suggested that a committee be formed to take the By-Laws from SFFMA and DRC, merge the two and make recommendations for additions and deletions. Robert advised that he will take care of creating a committee at the next meeting after we have elections.

Robert announced that tonight we need to nominate Officers and Directors to be voted on at the next meeting.

The nominations are as follows:

President – John Vecchio stepped up and stated to Robert that he wanted to run for President. He was nominated by Philippe and seconded by Caesar. There were no other nominations for President.

Vice President – Esther nominated Robert, seconded by Randy; Caesar nominated Margarette, seconded by Manny.

Corporate Secretary – Esther nominated Joanne, seconded by Robert.

Treasurer – Joanne nominated Esther, seconded by Carl.

Corresponding Secretary – Esther nominated Dave, seconded by Joanne. Robert nominated Virgil, seconded by Caesar.

For Nominations for the Board of Directors –

Carl nominated Sam, seconded by Joanne.

John nominated Carl, seconded by Sam.

Philippe nominated Andy, seconded by Sam.

Randy nominated Caesar, seconded by Esther.

Past President, Jeff Garnett, will serve as a Director.

Sam moved to close the nominations, seconded by Dave.

Robert discussed the Hamfest coming up in October 2008. It was further discussed with the EBay boycott by sellers. This will be good for the Hamfest.

New Business:

The trailer which we use for special events is in sad shape. Merritt discussed how bad the trailer is and made suggestions to fix it. It is all welded and cannot just be taken a part and repaired. It is made by Kendall Trailer Manufacturer. It is owned by Lee and the club is the caretaker of the trailer. Robert advised that we need a plan to move it so it can be worked on. Several suggestions were given as to locations. It was advised that it needs to be fixed by field day or sooner for the break-away or even sooner for the March of Dimes walk-a-thon. Anyone interested in working on the trailer or lending a hand – a work party will be put together – sometime by the following Saturday. Contact Merritt, Robert or Jeff if you are interested.

Frank called in with two announcements – the Break-Away is May 3 and 4th. He also suggested that the trailer could be parked at the school as another option. He also needs volunteers for the Break-Away. Contact Frank if you are interested.

Steve also called in and volunteered his place to work on the trailer.

Robert asked if anyone saw on the mailing list to bring in Ham magazines.

Robert then spoke about the Merit Badge College with the Boy Scouts this weekend. He asked that if you can turn on your radio so that they have someone to talk to. It will be at Barbara Goldman High School. Sam then also spoke about the Merit Badge College this weekend. Last year they had 1500 boy scouts and 300 adults and should be very similar this year. The big hit is the communication vehicle. He presented Robert and Esther with a certificate for their work. He also had certificates for Jeff and Chris, who were not present tonight, and gave their certificates to Robert to pass them on to them.

With regard to CERT. It was announced that the new Fire Chief wants nothing to do with CERT. CERT is now being handled by Miami Dade Junior College in Kendall. Esther will provide more information as it becomes available. Philippe advised that Coral Gables Fire Department is offering a CPR course in April for fee if anyone is interested. See Philippe if you are interested. This Saturday, Coral Gables is also having a short exercise.

Ray then welcomed the two new faces at our meeting. They are interested in serving the community. Ray also spoke about the Break-Away and what our club does for the community. He spoke about Radio Communications and how to study for your ham license on

Virgil spoke about when we had the power outage that his wife was involved in an automobile accident and she was able to get on the radio and get help. You never know when you need to use your radio to get help.

With no further business, Ray gave a demonstration of a device with USB to a computer; power from a battery and an optional heat sensor. He also spoke about recycling batteries. Robert announced that you can get $5.00 for recycling a car battery. Others gave other suggestions and information. In Miami-Dade, you can recycle batteries on the first pick-up of the month. Put your batteries in a ziplock bag and place it on top of the newspapers. Ray then gave a slide show of the Miami-Dade Fire Department Expo at Tropical Park that took place this last weekend.

Andy then gave a presentation and slide show of the ICW Expo in Las Vegas that he attended the week of February 225. There were hugh exhibits and workshops. Next year it will take place March 18, 19 and 20 and costs $75.00 if anyone is interested. He also showed a short video.

With no other business, Robert thanked everyone for coming. A Motion to close the meeting was made by Philippe, seconded by Esther.

The DRC meeting was adjourned at 21:50.

Joanne Carbana