PRESIDENT:                                     JULIO HERRERA (KK4KMO) (NOT PRESENT)

VICE PRESIDENT:                          LLOYD KURTZMAN (W4KAM)


TREASURER:                                   BRIANNA PUCKO (WD4BNJ) (NOT PRESENT)











WEB SITE:  http:/


Meeting was called to order at 19:28 with 38 present.   We have a quorum.


Lloyd presided over the meeting as Julio is at work and welcomed everyone. The meeting was not broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC.   There was testing being conducted in another room tonight. Everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign.   Lloyd welcomed everyone again. Lloyd reminded everyone present tonight to sign in.  We have two guest speakers tonight.  Troy Johnson from Emergency Management and Julio Ripoll with a presentation on Ham Radio and the earthquake in Haiti.


The minutes were posted on the website.  A motion to accept the minutes as posted was made by Lee, seconded by Steve.


Corresponding Secretary: Lloyd had nothing new.


Treasurer – Brianna was not present tonight.


Lloyd introduced Troy Johnson from Emergency Management. He spoke to the membership.  He also announced that there will be CERT training at the Miami Beach Fire Station April 1, 2, 9 and 12, 2015.  They will have a class in August in North Miami and then the class will come back to the EOC.  TBA.  Skywarn training will be at the EOC Training Center on May 2, 2015. The information will be posted on the website.


Newsletter – Lloyd advised that we are looking for writers.  If you have anything to submit, email it to Julio.  It should be published by the end of the month.  Hollis asked how big is the newsletter and Lloyd answered as big as we need to make it.


Club Elmer/PIO – Miguel advised that we need new people helped with the MS Bike A Thon.  He thanked all that participated.  PIO is quiet.


Merritt spoke about the Hambulance and the progress that has been made and what still needs to be done.  He wants to see if functional by field day.


Jason spoke about the tower trailer.  The guys were working on it in the rain.  We saw pictures.


Brandon spoke about the MS 150.  He also thanked everyone that helped and it was successful.


Lloyd spoke about the 2016 Tropical Hamboree.  A new committee has been created.  Its off and running.  He has been dealing with the Youth Fair and they gave out our slot to a volleyball tournament.  We need a new facility with plenty of parking in Dade or Broward County.  Merritt suggested the training facility here and we could put up a tent.  The Radisson Merchandise Mart has no free parking.  Ray suggested an empty anchor store at a mall.  Danny suggested warehouse space in Doral.  Lloyd advised that if you see something riding around, to please get him the name, location and a phone number and he will make all of the calls.  Send the information to the club email.  2016 is our 50th Anniversary.  ARRL will sanction it.


Repeater Update:


The 147.000 – Miguel advised that he is contacting a tower company to get it done.  It’s almost finished.  Merritt advised that the repeater is not ready yet.

The 147.760 – Ray advised its working well. Not much traffic. It was heard in Pompano Beach.

The 224.200 – Julio not here tonight.

The 444.200 – Carl said someone is jamming it during the drive time and we need to find them.

The Digipeater – 144.390 – Merritt advised that he is working on it.


Emergency Committee – Miguel advised that he has been busy working.  We should all work on our go kits. A new hurricane season is coming.  He will put together a show and tell for a go kit.


Net Manager – Brandon advised that the 146.700 is business as usual.  The nets are every Wednesday at 1900 and invited everyone to join in. Need people to participate. The frequencies are on the website.


Julio gave a presentation on Ham Radio and the earthquake in Haiti.  The mission saved a lot of lives.  He spoke about how ham radio responded and how important we were to the medical doctors. Awesome presentation!


Testing is still going on in the other room.  Dave advised that so far we have 2 new techs, and 2 extra upgrades. Congratulations to everyone!!!



Lloyd asked if there was any other old business. There was none.


Lloyd asked if there was any new business.  There was none.


Lloyd thanked everyone for coming.


Miguel made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Hollis.  The DRC meeting was adjourned at 20:48.


Joanne Carbana