Dade Radio Club

August 13, 2018 Meeting Meetings



  • President: Julio Herrera (KK4KMO) (Not Present)
  • Vice President: Lloyd Kurtzman (N4LJK)
  • Corporate Secretary: Joanne Carbana (KG4GKU) (Not Present)
  • Public Information Officer: Miguel Garate (KJ4YVN) (Not Present)
  • Treasurer: Lee Abrams (WB2CUW)
  • Corresponding Secretary: Lloyd Kurtzman (N4LJK)


Board of Directors:

  • Miguel Garate (KJ4YVN) (Not Present)
  • Jason Swift (WB0ATS)
  • Ray Vaughan (KD4BBM) (Not Present)


Website:  http:/


Minutes completed by: Dani Burrus (KK4ZMF)


Lloyd called meeting to order at 19:34.


Lloyd presided over the meeting and welcomed everyone. Julio is working. The meeting was not broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. There was testing being conducted in another room tonight. Everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign.  


Secretary – There were minutes approved from July 2018 by Lee and several others.


Corresponding Secretary – Lloyd has nothing to report.


Treasurer – Lee reported 5 plus 1 family memberships paid and $145, received today. New total is $5857.91.


Website – Julio and Ryan not present.


Club Elmer – Miguel is not present, nothing to report.


PIO – Dani spoke about forming a Holiday Party/End of the Year Party.


Repeater Update:

  • The 147.000 – Jason stated, there will be a flurry of activity on it soon.
  • The 147.760 – Ray reports it’s up and running, but still looking for new site.
  • The 444.200 – Jason reports repeater is on air.
  • D-Star – The nod is down. Several people suggested selling it?


Emergency Committee Chair – It’s hurricane season, check out This is a list of tech items you might need in the case of an emergency.


Net Manager – No change to report.


Presentation – Ray gave a great presentation on plane tracking using Flight Aware.


Brandon advised that we have 1 new Tech, 2 new General and 1 upgrade to Extra.  Congratulations!!!!


With no further business, Lloyd thanked everyone for coming.  


Lloyd made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jason.  The DRC meeting was adjourned at 20:01.