Julio called meeting to order at 1931

Julio began meet and greet, intros around the room

Meetings have not yet been posted on website

Sign in sheet passed around

Lee Abrams reported $5712.91 in bank account, last meeting before was $5560. Charges were also posted for Field Day food that have not been reconciled. Lee received 4 memberships to be posted to account as well. Julio transferred from PayPal to bank account roughly $200

Website has been updated, pictures were added and minutes from last and current meeting will be updated soon. Ryan is updating website to assist with DStar registrations.

PIO is out tonight

Field Day was held. Julio reported it was very hot and quite wet from rain. Band conditions weren’t great but networking was a good experience. Everyone had fun and had some great setups.

Ray promoted HurricaneChecklist.com, a website of hurricane preparedness for technically inclined people

76 working fine, no further updates

DStar node went down, Ryan has configured new computer but has not installed at site yet

Bryan gave a demo on a new(ish) radio he stumbled upon, a Motorola UHF radio that looks like a flip phone

Lloyd has nothing new for Emergency Committee/RACES. Hurricane Beryl existed but died

Brandon promoted Wednesday night nets and noted that no major changes were planned at this time

Anthony Gawel gave a demonstration on the power kit/go box he built.

Merritt presented a certificate from Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Office for Field Day/Amateur Radio Week

Julio asked for old business, no reply

New business, no reply

Testing reported two upgrades to general, one tech

Dave says his repeater is working great, too

TZ4AM made a report about Molly?

Ray showed a map about band opening, aprs propagation aprs.mountainlake.k12.mn.us or Google APRS Propagation

Merritt made motion to adjourn, Erik Alexander seconds

Please sign in

Meeting was adjourned at 2015, QRU 09 06