PRESIDENT:                                     JULIO HERRERA (KK4KMO)

VICE PRESIDENT:                          LLOYD KURTZMAN (W4KAM)


TREASURER:                                   BRIANNA PUCK (WD4BNJ) (NOT PRESENT)











WEB SITE:  http:/


Meeting was called to order at 19:44 with 29 present.   We have a quorum.


Julio presided over the meeting and welcomed everyone. The meeting was not broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC.   There was testing being conducted in another room tonight. Everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign.   Julio welcomed everyone again. Lloyd reminded everyone present tonight to sign in.


The minutes were posted on the website.  A motion to accept the minutes as posted was made by Brendan, seconded by Dave.


Secretary:  Joanne asked that everyone please sign in.


Corresponding Secretary: Lloyd has the DMV paperwork for the new trailer.


Treasurer – Brianna is collecting dues.


Website is currently down.


Newsletter – Not available as the website is down.


Club Elmer/PIO – Miguel he received one phone call.  PIO nothing new.


Merritt spoke about the Hambulance and the progress that has been made and what still needs to be done.  We need a storage unit for the club to store club equipment.  He needs a member to take home the antennas, recondition them and see if they are usable.



Lloyd spoke about the 2016 Tropical Hamboree.  He is still looking for locations. Lloyd advised that if you see something riding around, to please get him the name, location and a phone number and he will make all of the calls.  Send the information to the club email.  2016 is our 50th Anniversary.  ARRL will sanction it.


Repeater Update:


The 147.000 –  It’s disconnected right now.  Merritt said to call Sphere Communications for help with the tower.


The 146.000 – It was coordinated 10/6/15.


The 147.760 – Someone from Coral Gables submitted paper work and they gave the coordination to him.   The guy wants us to turn off our repeater. The club wants him to get another pair so we can keep the repeater.  Frank explained how the FRC coordinates the pairs for repeaters.  Coordination is not mandatory.  Miguel provided the history of what happened with the FRC and how they wrote off District 1 and it is not District 2 for Dade, Broward, Monroe and Palm Beach Counties.  There is no representation for Dade and Monroe.  Ray stated that if there is a discrepancy the FCC will side with the coordinated licensee. Merritt advised that you have to put up a real repeater site within 6 months.  That time limit passed in March. It seems to be at the guy’s house.  The guy lives in Coral Gables and is not a member of ARES/RACES.  Miguel wants to know what the club wants to do and if they want to battle it out.  The FRC only meets every 6 months.  October is the next time they meet.  It was suggested that we write a letter.  Virgil made a motion to continue with DStar on the current frequency and fight as long as we can, we are not moving and we will help they guy find another pair, seconded by Brandon and a vote was taken and the motion passed.  John advised to contact ICOM and get their support.  Joanne suggested that if their time was up in March, we should re-submit our paperwork so the FRC has it by October when they meet.  Frank said if it is not 51 feet up there is no coordination and cannot be approved.  It’s at the guys house and not up 51 feet.


The 224.200 – at Miami High.


The 444.200 – Carl advised its working.


The Digipeater – 144.390 – Merritt advised that he is working on it.


Emergency Committee – Carl advised that there will be a state wide exercise on May 19.  He will be running it from the EOC.  We need people to man shelters so we can get them all in.  If you can volunteer, please see Carl.  Check-ins will be 9 AM – 4 PM; and 6 PM – 8 PM  Lloyd and Miguel will be at the EOC too.  Carl gave out a Diaster Assessment handout.  This is the info to put into the computer. It has to be the exact same way.  Call in and just advise if it’s a 1, 2, 3 or 4 when you check in.  It can also be a virtual shelter.  He will check with Monroe so they can man FIU.  Email Carl at [email protected].  Pick a shelter.  Other EOC’s will be participating – Coral Gables, North Miami Beach, Cutler Bay, Homestead, Miami Beach, and Hialeah.


Testing is still going on in the other room.  Mike advised that Jonathan Pardomo is a new Tech; William Johnson and David Batety upgraded to General.  Mike is celebrating 50 years in HAM radio – since May 1965. Congratulations to everyone!!!


Net Manager – Brandon advised that the nets are every Wednesday and he is trying new frequencies.


Steve gave a presentation on a marine Nav Station called Pocket Mariner with Steve Bennett in Wales.  If anyone lives near water.  He was sent the device ad it transmits data over the internet.  It gives the exact positions of vessels while navigating world wide.  Steve is not close enough and it is not working for him.  If you know anyone that lives near the water and can do this, please see Steve.  Otherwise, he will have to send it back to Wales.  Mike Hogan in North Miami runs one.  Awesome presentation!


Steve will give us a presentation next month on Slow Scan TV.


Julio asked if there was any other old business. There was none.


Julio asked if there was any new business.  There was none.


Julio thanked everyone for coming.


Brandon made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Miguel.  The DRC meeting was adjourned at 20:53.


Joanne Carbana