This two-day workshop is designed to help you prepare for the Amateur Radio
General Class Exam.

The workshop will take place on T.B.D. at the T.B.A. This workshop is designed to take your
TECH license to the next level. You are encouraged to start preparing for the
class by reviewing the KB6NU No-nonsense General Class Study Guide, ARRL, W5YI
other materials (there are even IOS and Android apps for your mobile phone).


73 de KG4LYD

Information Regarding General Class License

Upgrade from the Technician Class License.

  • Exam Requirements:      35-question General written exam (Element 3).
  • License Privileges: All VHF/UHF Amateur bands and most     HF privileges (10 through 160 meters).

Technicians may upgrade to General Class by passing a 35-question multiple-choice written examination. The written exam covers intermediate regulations, operating practices and electronics theory, with a focus on HF applications. Non-licensed individuals must pass Element 2 and Element 3 written exams to earn a General License. The FCC grants exam Element 3 credit to individuals that previously held certain older types of licenses. Find valid forms of Examination Element Credit.

The General Class is a giant step up in operating privileges. The high-power HF privileges granted to General licensees allow for cross-country and worldwide communication. In addition to the Technician privileges, General Class operators are authorized to operate on any frequency in the 160, 30, 17, 12 and 10 meter bands. They may also use significant segments of the 80, 40, 20 and 15 meter bands.