Julio Herrera (KK4KMO) opened the meeting at 1932

Julio conducted roll call of meeting

No meeting in December to vote minutes on

Lloyd checked PO box, no mail

Lee gave treasurer report, closed year with $200 profit and $0.03 interest. Club balance $5,215.79, $203 in Savings account. Lee is also trying to reacquire 501c3 status once again so the club can take donations once again.

Julio will consult Dani for graphics on website

PIO Dani discussed Holiday Party from December at John Martin’s, all had a good time. Membership is $35 and renewal is open for the new year.

Julio discussed Winterfest Boat Parade in Broward County. Julio, Lloyd, and Brandon participated in command center for event.

Brandon discussed the Junior Orange Bowl Parade event in December.

Jason discussed the Winter Field Day, that AD Barnes Park is resisting on overnight usage of pavilion, but will follow up and provide more details to share via email.

Julio discussed AUXCOMM course being held in Orlando immediately preceding the Orlando Hamfest. AUXCOMM is for hams interested in interfacing with EOC’s as radio volunteers.

Brandon discussed the Miami Marathon coming up in February. Pushed for more volunteers but it is Orlando hamfest weekend

Then discussed Bike MS in April. Side conversation ensued about how to operate events and equipment, and coverage.

Repeater reports: Jason said 147.000 is pending equipment, Ray said 146.760 needs a new home soon, 444.200 is up and running.

Robert discussed RACES and discussed what it is and how it works. Julio discussed County activation points of what happens in the storm, etc.

Robert is presenting next meeting on something

Brandon discussed the net schedule, what the nets are, how things work, etc.

Old business: Trying to sell the hambulance.

Bylaws: Request to revamp the bylaws of the club, set up a committee for revision of the bylaws.

Jason advised Nominating committee is coming in February. Jason will once again be the nominating committee chair.

Bryan suggested creating a float in the parade to encourage ham radio activity.

Testing: Two new techs passed.

Ryan motioned to adjourn at 2031. Meeting closed.