PRESIDENT:                                    MIGUEL GARATE (KJ4YUN)

VICE PRESIDENT:                         MERRITT BURRUS (KI4GQO)


TREASURER:                                  ESTHER SANCHEZ (KI40TX)











WEB SITE:  http:/


Meeting was called to order at 19:50 with 28 present.   We have a quorum.


Miguel presided over the meeting and welcomed everyone. The meeting was not broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC.   There was testing being conducted in another room tonight.  Everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign.   Miguel welcomed everyone again.  Miguel reminded everyone present tonight to sign in.


Miguel announced that we were having a raffle tonight of a soldering iron.  One ticket for $1.00 and 3 tickets for $2.00, or an arm’s length for $10.00.  He also has polo shirts for $20.00; Tee shirts for $10.00 and holsters for $2.00 each.


Dave came in and announced that Rene Borroto passed his Tech and is a new Ham.  Congratulations!


There were not minutes taken last month, and the meeting was accepted as done.


Financial/Membership list – we have 32 paid for 2013.  Every one needs to pay their dues.  You can pay online, or pay Esther or Miguel tonight.


Corresponding Secretary – Merritt has been acting as Corresponding Secretary. He has been picking up the mail.  We need someone to be the Corresponding Secretary.  Lloyd volunteered to take it over if the PO Box can be moved to Town & Country.  It was agreed that our present box will be moved before it expires to the Town & Country post office facility.  The Corresponding Secretary picks up the mail, writes letters.  A motion was made by Lee to accept Lloyd at the new Corresponding Secretary, seconded by Carl.  A vote was taken and the motion passed.  Congratulations to Lloyd.  He will get a new PO Box for the club.  Ray questioned how much mail do we really get and if the box was worth keeping and the answer was that we get a lot of mail from time to time and it was worth keeping.


Website/Newsletter – Ryan is receiving emails thanking everyone that participated at the Hamfest and he is inviting them back next year.


PIO – Frank is not present tonight.  Miguel advised that someone from the Herald called and wanted a booth at the Hamfest.  We received online advertising and were put on the Event Schedule for free.


Hamfest was discussed.  Miguel said it was a lot of fun and a great success.  Merritt advised that Miguel did a great job!  Virgil stated that next time we need 2 persons instead of one manning the booths.  Merritt suggested that it be a floater since we are short of volunteers.  We were only short a couple of grand, which is a lot better than it has been in the past.  Lenny made a motion that we do it again next year, seconded by Lee Abrams.  Discussion was conducted by the members.  Some of the final numbers – Paypay Vendors $3,256.00; Presell tickets $133.00; presell vendors $2500.00; we were $3,122.00 short.  We do have the funds to do it next year.  Purchasing 10,000 tickets was a lesson.  It was discussed that the 7,000 tickets we have left, we can stamp over the date, put stickers over the date.  We will try to salvage the tickets.  Merritt suggested that we just print single color tickets next time.  Carl suggested that we include a place for call sign, name, and email address so that we can contact them in the future.  The door prize list was also provided and is attached to the minutes.  Ray wanted to know what percentage of our reserves have we used and the answer was 11%.  The whereabouts of the tickets were found and provided to Julio.  Robert said that all of this discussion should be discussed at tomorrow night’s meeting.  Everyone agreed.  After no further discussion, the motion was read again and voted on and passed.


Repeater reports:


147.000 – Merritt advised that he got the hamtron boards from John.  He purchased a coax switch at the hamfest and expects to have it up and running by April.


147.760 –  Ray said he is making progress at UM to get them a radio club back.  Ray met with them and they are working on getting Ray access to the antennas.  Merritt wanted to link it with a UHF link frequency.  Interest in 6 meters was discussed.  Ray said that if someone is going to be looking over his shoulder then the answer is no.  If he can get access during the summer or winter breaks, that will work.  He will evaluate the access and if everything is OK, we will get want we need and get it working. Virgil stated that he has been speaking with a professor and the UM CERT is interested.  The professor teaches on Monday nights and cannot make it to our meetings.  He goes to the Everglades Club meetings.


224.200 – is in the radio room.  Frank wants to revive it if we can find a site.  Robert said that the radios were very expensive but are affordable now.  It is something to consider.


Merritt asked if we can sell the 1.2 on ebay.


Digipeater 144.390 – Per Miguel is not working.


D’Star – Miguel advised that it is in the room and we got approval from Dave’s building in Aventura. He has pictures if anyone is interested.  He will get with Merritt and do a site survey.  There is a repeater up there already.  There is plenty of room.  It was suggested that we use a stick for an antenna.  We need to get it up and anchor the space.  Steve also has a place with Northwest Systems for the repeater site in downtown Miami.  Frank called and is waiting for a return call.




Elections were discussed. Miguel suggested that the president only be in office for 2 years.  It does not state that in our By-Laws.  Our elections are coming up in April.  Merritt has been a great Vice President and he is now really busy with work.  He just wants to get some new blood and ideas in the club.  It was suggested that Julio be Vice President next year.  Steve cannot be an officer because he is the president of the Everglades club.  Miguel selected the nominating committee:  Carl, Dave, Virgil, Ray and Frank.  Virgil suggested that the past president not be nominated.  It was advised that the Nominating Committee will choose candidates for all elected positions and check their qualifications. Nominations from the floor will be accepted, as well as self-nominations.  Dave stated that they must be members in good standing.  The Nominating Committee will come up with a slate.  They will either meet in person or over the phone and bring the slate to the March meeting and we will vote at the April meeting.  It was discussed that everyone is up for election.  Esther will email the updated roster to the Nominating Committee members.


Old business:


Miguel announced that field day last year didn’t go so well at CostelloHammocksPark.  We have a partial credit of $230.00.  He asked if anyone wanted to take it over and organize it. If not, we will donate the money to the parks department and participate at the Everglades Club.

Esther suggested that we make it a picnic too at field day.  It would be June 22/23, 2013.  Anyone interested please see Miguel. Lenny suggested that we do testing at field day and it was not received well.


Miguel asked if there was any other old business.  There was none.


New Business:


No guest speaker tonight.


David spoke about the Tour de Cure.  He thanked everyone that participated.  The Committee is very happy.  The MS200 is coming up.  Please volunteer for April 20/21, 2013.   If you are interested see Merritt.


Also the Gables net changed days a couple of years ago from Wednesday to Tuesday.  He asked if anyone had a problem with changing it back to Wednesday nights.  People were complaining of doing 2 nets a week.  There were no objections.  Miguel thanked David and Lysette for the Tour de Cure.  He had to take down the cardboard signs.


Carl announced that he has speakers on the table for someone to take home.


Miguel asked if there was any other new business.  There was none.


Miguel thanked everyone for coming.   A Motion to close the meeting was made by Esther, seconded by Ryan. Voted and passed.


The DRC meeting was adjourned at 20:01.


Joanne Carbana