AUGUST 11, 2012

















Meeting was called to order at 08:35 with 10 present – Miguel, Carl, Frank k4FU, Hollis, Julio, Andy Piche, Ryan and Frank Sullivan in person and Joanne and David appeared via phone.


Miguel presided over the meeting and welcomed everyone. Everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign.


Minutes were posted online and a motion was made by Dave, seconded by Carl, the minutes were approved.


Corresponding Secretary – We do not have one.


Corporate Secretary – Minutes are up to date.


Treasurer’s Report – Esther not present. Miguel has the member list and we have 55 paid members. Dave suggested that the club send out reminders to get past members to return. Joanne advised that some of the members listed on the list are the ones that took the test and received a year for free. Miguel said that he will send the non-active members a reminder. As of the end of July, we have $3,000 in checking; $42,753.78 in savings.


Miguel said that he heard from Evelyn. She misses us and will try to make it to the Hamboree. We miss her too!


Club Elmer/PIO Officer is Frank. Frank said that the lady from the Miami New Times wants to schedule a Ham class. She is going to give us a free ad. He helped several new members set up their shacks and antennas with both direct technical and labor assistance.


D-Star – Dave said that he has presented it to the Board at the site in question. Three Board members are concurring. It has not gone to the full Board. They have a copy of our letter. It’s looking better. He will continue to follow through. Miguel spoke to Nilo. There are no issues for the three repeaters. They are digital. After that it’s up to the trustees. Icom wants it back if we don’t find a location. A bunch of people from South America want it to speak to their families. Frank said that we need to exclude telephone service on it so that the band with is not used up. Dave suggested that we also monitor it.


Web-Site and Newsletter – Ryan said he has updated everything, minutes, etc. and everything is in order. Ryan stated that he needs $55/$110 to purchase a plug-in called “Page Lines” for the website. Miguel made a motion to allow a minimum of $100 to purchase it, seconded by Carl; amended by Dave to make it a maximum of $125.00; it was voted on as amended and passed.



Repeater reports:


444.200 – Carl advised it is up and working. The antennas were changed and it got better. The controller is in.


Miguel said that there was a discussion last night at the Everglades Club.. Dave at Cutler Bay is temporarily using a 865 repeater. They want him to get his own repeater. Miguel told them not to make waves. Carl said we can take back our equipment.


147.760 – Miguel advised up and running.


224.200 and 1291.80 have been eliminated.


Digipeater 144.39 is working per Miguel.


147.000 – Carl advised that it is put up temporarily at the site and it’s having a problem. We are using the 147.180. We need to reapply for the pair. Not working too bad.


Emergency Committee Chair – Carl – The net is every Wednesday. Everyone needs to apply or re-apply for the emergency list for ID cards.




David wants us to do the Cystic Fibrosis Kayak race in October.


Melborne Hamfest is October 13 and 14


Today is the Ft Pierce Hamfest. Ray went to it.


For the picnic in October, we need a coordinator. We have the space for free. Its at the Castillow Hammock Preserve and Nature Center located at 22301 SW 162 Avenue in Miami. We have a pavilion and electricity. Augustine bailed. Frank suggested that we could have a mini field day for the club. We need a date.


Waiting for Armando to talk about the Amateur classes


The X-mas dinner will be taken over by Miguel. Last year we had it at Carinos. It was discussed that it was a good place. Carl will put together the awards. It was discussed that we should hand out plaques at the dinner and certificates at the meetings. Miguel needs someone to print the names in the certificates.


Hamfest will be discussed at the next meeting at 10 AM.


Miguel asked if there was any new business.


Miguel spoke about the club’s 501C3 status. He spoke to the accountant that did it for us before. He said that we lost it for 2011 because we didn’t file a card. To get reinstated, we need to fill out the application again. We give out free classes so we qualify. The accountant wanted $2,500 to do it. Dave said we should be able to fill out the form ourselves. It is only $100.00 to be reinstated. A lot of the questions do not apply to us. Another CPA wanted $800. Miguel wanted to discuss it with Esther, but she is not here today.


Miguel also advised that it is time to change the PO Box. We can keep the present one until the end of the year. It’s too far from everyone. It was suggested that we could use the main PO boxes here. Carl will check. Once it is changed, we will change it on the website.


The Hamfest meeting will take place in about ½ hour. Food at the last hamfest was discussed. We will see if we can afford it this year. Carl will make the badges for the vendors and committee members. The type of ticket to use was discussed because of the raffle. There will be no wrist bands. These will be discussed at the Hamfest meeting.


Miguel thanked everyone for coming. A Motion to close the meeting was made by Carl, seconded by Frank. Voted and passed.


The DRC Board meeting was adjourned at 9:24 AM.


Joanne Carbana