Coral Gables Races Zone Net Tuesdays 147.150 +600 PL=     1900Hrs (7:00PM)

Everglades ARC Zone Rag Chew Net Tuesdays 146.835 -600 PL=94.8 1930Hrs (7:30PM)

Miami-Dade Ares/Races Area wide Zone Nets Wednesdays 1900Hrs (7:00PM) To 1929Hrs (7:29PM):

146.925  -600 PL=94.8 Area Wide Net

147.000 -600 PL=94.8 Area Wide Net

Simplex Net 146.520

2M Side Band Net 144.210 USB Simplex

UHF County Wide Net 444.200 +5 PL94.8

Cutler Bay Races Now meets Wednesday Night 1900 Hrs (7:00PM) on 146.835 for Now Then will change to 146.865 once Repeater has been installed at Cutler Bay Building.

Miami-Dade Ares/Races Area wide Main Nets Wednesdays 1930Hrs (7:30PM): This is where we report all NET Check-ins from Zone nets as well as weekly announcements.