(Name and Call) Miami-Dade Emergency  Net Control. Is this frequency in use?

Hello all stations, hello all stations, hello all stations this is (Your Call) opening the Miami-Dade County ____________________ Emergency (Practice) Net. For (Wednesday Today’s Date). (Drop)

My call is (Your Call) and my name is (Your Name) I am your net control for this evening.

This is a directed net. All traffic will go through the net control station. Stations are to wait for acknowledgment before passing traffic. Priority traffic can be indicated by calling “Break” and then stating the nature of the traffic when net control acknowledges. If at any time during the net there is any emergency traffic it will be indicated by the phrase “Break, Break” Emergency traffic will be acknowledged and handled immediately. (Drop)

This net is affiliated with the Dade Radio Club. Membership in any club, group, or association is not required to participate in this or any of our nets this evening.

The zone nets are as follows.

The  Area Wide net meets tonight on __________________

The Coral Gables Zone Net meets tonight on 147.150 with an up 600 shift from 1900 until 1930.

The Simplex Net meets tonight on 146.520 from 1900 until 1930.

The Cutler Bay Net meets tonight on 146.865 with a down 600 shift and a PL of 94.8 from 1900 until 1930.

And the Main Net meets tonight following all the zone nets at 1930 on 146.700 with a down 600 shift and a PL of 156.7. (Drop)

In the event of failure of the repeater, please switch to the output frequency and operate in simplex.

Now standing by for check-ins please give your call sign slowly and phonetically. Please indicate whether you have traffic by saying “Traffic” or “No Traffic”.  Any stations for general check-ins please come now. (Drop)

(repeat as necessary)

At this time we would like to thank all stations that checked in to this net, also the repeater trustee for allowing the use of their equipment. This is (Your Call). This net is now closed and the frequency is returned to regular amateur radio use. Please stand by for the main net on 146.700 with a down 600 shift and a PL of 156.7 (Your Call) CLEAR.