Preamble: Area Wide Emergency Net

  1. Name And Call RACES / ARES Net Control The NCS Should call “Is this frequency in use” A couple of times Initially,
    and if nothing heard then proceed with the preamble.
    Hello all stations, hello all stations, hello all stations
    this is——– my name is———- opening the Miami/Dade County
    Area Wide Emergency Practice Net.
    For Wednesday———–(month)———(day)———-(year)
  2. This is a directed net. All traffic will go through the net control station.
    Stations are to wait for acknowledgement before passing traffic.
    If at anytime during the net there is any emergency or priorty
    traffic it will be acknowledged and handled. Such traffic can be
    Indicated by calling “break-break” and then stating the nature of the
    traffic, when net control acknowledges-Emergency traffic will be
    acknowledged and handled.
  3. The Main Net starts at 7;30 PM
    Now standing by for checkins please give your call sign phonetically
    and indicate whether or not you have traffic by saying traffic or no traffic. Also if you are mobile or low power let me know.
    Any other stations for general checkins come now (repeat as necessary
    checkins in two’s and three’s seems to work best)
  4. <End of Net>
    At this time we would like to thank all stations that checked in to
    this net.
    This is———(your call) the net is now closed and the frequency is returned to regular amateur radio use——–(your call) CLEAR.