PO BOX 835387  |  MIAMI, FL 33283


JULY 8, 2019






 President: Julio Herrera (KK4KMO)

 Vice President: Lloyd Kurtzman (N4LJK)

 Corporate Secretary: Joanne Carbana (KG4GKU) (Not Present)

 Public Information Officer: Dani Burrus (KJ4YVN)

 Treasurer: Lee Abrams (WB2CUW)

 Corresponding Secretary: Lloyd Kurtzman (N4LJK)


Board of Directors:

 Jason Swift (WB0ATS)

 Ray Vaughan (KD4BBM)

 Bob Hernandez (KM4JAT) (Not Present)

 Erik Alexander (KN4LPP)


Website: http:/


Minutes completed by: Dani Burrus (KK4ZMF)


Julio called meeting to order at 19:32.


Julio presided over the meeting and welcomed everyone. The meeting was not broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. There is testing being conducted. Everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign.


Reading of the Minutes – Julio reported that the minutes are on the website.  Dave Thompson and Erick Alexander accept the minutes.


Secretary – Joanne is not present, nothing to report. Julio asked everyone to sign in.


Corresponding Secretary – Lloyd is not present, but Julio stated there are


Treasurer’s Report – Lee stated he finally got access to the bank account. The balance is $4,999.99 in TD Bank. $299.44 are in PayPal. $10.00 cash.


Website – Julio stated he cleaned up some of the menus and added to the pictures. The new membership app is to be updated. The repeater page on the website needs to be updated.


Club Elmer – Miguel has nothing to report.


PIO – Dani spoke about Facebook and Instagram. Please like the pages and posts!


Field Day 2019 – Field Day was held on June 22nd from 9:00 to 17:00 and June 23rd from 6:00 to 13:00 at South Dade Agricultural Center, 18710 SW 288st, Homestead FL 33030. Skywarn training was also held during Field Day. Grey shared that he made 10 contacts (Spain, Montreal, Virgin Islands, etc).


Membership Chairs – Jason spoke about the membership committee and Jason will have an Membership Chair by the next meeting.


Decals – Dani shared that she has designed decals and they are for sale. See graphic on Facebook, posted later in the week.


Rookie Round-Up – Dani spoke about the event scheduled for August 18th from


Misc – A visitor suggested a possible event for us… di-pole building event. – Ray spoke about his website.


Repeater Update:

 147.000 – Jason has no update.

 146.760 – Ray stated there is no change. Please use it!

 444.200 – Merritt stated there is no change.

 D-Star – Julio reported the repeater is up and running, however Miguel stated the opposite. This needs to be looked into. 


Net Manager – Brandon stated the 146.925 is back up and running and will be added back into the Weekly Net rotation.


Emergency Committee Chair – Nothing to report.


Presentation – Tony Torres from Urban Survivalist gave a presentation on


Testing – There was no one present to test.


Old Business –

  1. Merritt has posted the Hambulance for sale asking $2000 for it, there have been no bites.
  1. The trailer needs to be located, Julio is working on this.


New Business:

  1. Monthly dinner announcement, speak to Dani about info.
  2. Several members went to the Florida Keys Amateur Radio club. They spoke about what would happen during an emergency.
  3. MS Ride: Brandon announced that it has been unofficially announced that the new dates will be April 18-19th.
  4. Club is looking for a club house, speak to Merritt for details.
  5. Erik spoke about a program that will be sponsored by B-Tech.
  6. Erik spoke about discount pricing with HamCrazy, Gigaparts and Ed Faung.


Julio made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Erik. The DRC meeting was adjourned at 20:44. Dinner will be at Lime!