Julio called meeting to order at 1949

A meet and greet was conducted of the guest

Lee was not present to give a treasurer report

Merritt sold the Hambulance on behalf of the club and made the club $750, money will be to Lee

Brandon spoke about the MS bike tour, scheduled for April 18-19

Jason spoke about Field Day in June, spoke about possible locations

Julio spoke about Florida State Parks on the Air – April 4/5 – Bill Baggs State Park

Jason had nothing to report on 147.000

Ray will spoke about 147.760 and the need to remove it from current UM location due to construction. Jason advised site for 146.760 will not be demolished soon.

444.200 is currently alive and working

Alain decided to show up and then circled back to the Florida Parks OTA

Lloyd had nothing to report on RACES/Emergency Committee

Brandon discussed net schedule

Jason announced Nominating Committee results:

  • Openings for Recording Secretary – Brandon Watson to be elected to position
  • Corresponding Secretary will be tabled and removed in future bylaw revision
  • Opening for Director: Merritt C. Burrus has graciously volunteered to be Director

Ray moves to accept slate, Robert Hernandez seconded motion to accept slate as is for officers.

Dani set a bylaws meeting for 3/16

Ray suggested adding that only service animals are allowed into meeting building location

Robert thanked Erik Rodriguez for attending, as he sponsors 444.800 repeater we use and other DMR systems

Marathon Seafood Festival March 14/15 that the Keys ARC will be present at

Julio gave a presentation on Anderson Powerpoles

Ray talked about Coronavirus closures and to ensure to pass proper information, not rumors

Bryan moved to adjourn, Dani seconds.

Lime for dinner.

Meeting ended at 2034.