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PO BOX 835387  | MIAMI, FL 33283

OCTOBER 14, 2019



  President: Julio Herrera (KK4KMO) (Not Present)

  Vice President: Lloyd Kurtzman (N4LJK)

  Corporate Secretary: Joanne Carbana (KG4GKU) (Not Present)

  Public Information Officer: Dani Burrus (KJ4YVN) 

  Treasurer: Lee Abrams (WB2CUW) (Not Present)

  Corresponding Secretary: Lloyd Kurtzman (N4LJK) 

Board of Directors:

   Jason Swift (WB0ATS)

   Ray Vaughan (KD4BBM) (Not Present)

   Bob Hernandez (KM4JAT)

   Erik Alexander (KN4LPP) (Not Present)

Website: http:/www.daderadioclub.org

Minutes completed by: Dani Burrus (KK4ZMF)

Julio called the meeting to order at 19:38PM.

Lloyd presided over the meeting and welcomed everyone. The meeting was not broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. There is testing being conducted. Everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign. There are 20 attendees.

Reading of the Minutes – Dani stated they have not been published on the website, they are on the club’s Google drive.

Secretary – Joanne is not present, nothing to report. Julio asked everyone to sign in.

Corresponding Secretary – Lloyd stated no mail.

Treasurer’s Report – $57.27 in the PayPal account, $4,970.39 in the checking account ($300.00 less than September due to Insurance payment), $200.01 in the savings account. Grand total is $5,227.67.‬

Website – Julio stated he cleaned up some of the menus and added to the pictures. The new membership app is to be updated. The repeater page on the website needs to be updated.

Club Elmer/PIO – Reported there are several members who owe dues. Encouraged guests to become members.

2019 Holiday Party – December 6th has been booked for the Holiday Party and will be held at John Martin’s in Coral Gables from 7:00 – 9:00. 

Boy Scouts – Jason and David Fernandez are working a new users frequency on 444.200 this Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00pm. 

Jr. Orange Bowl – Event is scheduled for December 15th. See Brandon Watson for more details. 

Miami Marathon – Event is scheduled for February 9th. See Ben Neimser for more details. 

DRC Repeater Update:

147.000 – Temp channel 6 tower soon….  

146.760 – Ray stated it’s up and running, please use it! 

444.200 – Frequency is up.  

D-Star – No update. 

Net Manager – Brandon stated same net schedule is working well. Check the website and or Facebook for the Weekly Net rotation. 

Emergency Committee Chair – Bob reminded everyone that it is mid-hurricane season and to be vigilant. Bryan reminded everyone to have 

Testing – Mike is attending the meeting and 

Old Business – 

  1. Merritt has posted the Hambulance for sale asking $2000 for it, there have been no bites. Merritt is to relist it for sale. 

New Business – 

  1. Ryan is to make an email communication list. Lenny agreed with the motion, seconded by Bryan.
  2. Board of Directors meetings needs to be scheduled
    1. Topics – Secretary, Winter Field Day (Jan 26-27), Rookie Round-Up, etc.
  3. MS150 is scheduled for April 19 – 20th
  4. Members suggested attending a Keys meeting.

What a Ham does at a Marathon/Ride – Brandon explained to the group what is required of a ham. 

Presentation – Ray gave a presentation on TV Repair and then did a hands on activity in the Radio Room. 

Lloyd made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Ryan and thirded by Mike. The DRC meeting was adjourned at 19:14. Dinner will follow.