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Meeting was called to order at 19:41 with 24 present.

John was not present tonight and Robert presided over the meeting. Robert welcomed everyone to the meeting. The meeting was broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. Testing was being conducted in the other room.

The microphone was passed around the room and everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign. Robert welcomed everyone again. We have Adrian Walter KCOYSV, the new Emergency Readiness Coordinator for the EOC here tonight to speak to us. Thereupon, Mr. Walter spoke to those present. He wants to work with us and the RACES program. He stated that his door is always open and that he looks forward to working with everyone. Carl invited him to join us for Field Day at the end of the month. He had to leave early for a prior appointment.

Repeater update:

Ray spoke about the 145.760. Everything’s working. We’re on it now. Please use it. Carl stated that he listed the repeater on a emergency list. Ray said it was OK and that he could put the 147.240 on the list also.

Merritt was not present tonight. Carl spoke about the 147.000. It’s up and running and working. It was used a little on the bike tour.

Carl spoke about the 444.200. It was down a couple of days ago but it’s working now.

Robert spoke about the 220.000. It still needs a home.

Old Business:

Robert spoke about the Ham trailer. Everyone has been trying to get in touch with Steve. He has been very busy. We want to get it going. Carl will put a note on his door.

Robert spoke about Field Day. He spoke with Bill at the Everglades Club and we are going to join forces with them. It will take place at the Fruit and Spice Park on June 26, 27 and 28. We can stay overnight if you want. Randy said that he heard that they moved the site to a Boy Scout’s camp in the Redlands and suggested that he might want to check with Bill. Robert said that he would. Ray asked if anyone heard from Ulysses, the #1 contester. No one did but thought that he might show up at Field Day.

Dave came in. We gave exams tonight in the other room. Patrick Coffee passed his tech. Congratulations to Patrick!

Robert asked about any other old business and there was none.

New Business:

Robert advised that after the last meeting, the Directors had a meeting about the status of John Vecchio, the President of DRC. Apparently, John is unable to make the meetings and Robert has been presiding in his place. John lives in West Palm and he works late. He sent a letter of resignation, a copy of which is attached to the minutes. Ernesto offered to step up to the plate. A motion was may by Dave, seconded by John Hall. Upon a vote, all were in favor of Ernesto assuming the office of President of DRC until the next election. Congratulations to Ernesto. Thereby Robert had to leave as he is in the middle of moving and Ernesto took over the meeting. Ray asked for a big round of applause for Robert and the great job that he did and everyone clapped.

Ernesto thanked everyone for voting for him as President and that it was only until the next election.

He then asked if there was any other new business.

Philipe announced that on Saturday, June 20 the state invited all ARRL to a meeting. He will go and report back to us at the next meeting. ARRL wants to coordinate all hams in the State. Ernesto stated that there is also a new local director in our area for the ARRL. Also that the ARRL and the Red Cross are looking to work together.

John Hall brought up that DRC had name badges and since the people from SFFMA joined with DRC new badges were not made. If DRC still wants to make new badges to include everyone, he will head-up the project and the club would pay the bill. They would cost about $4 or $5 each. Randy made a motion to make the new badges, seconded by Victor Meyer. Joanne will email the membership list to John once it has been completed with the current paid members from DRC.

Joanne reminded everyone that we are in Hurricane season and to be ready.

Ernesto will give a demonstration after the meeting of a laser audio transmitter that you can make for under $25.00.

Ray asked about the insurance policies of the club and if they were up-to-date with all of our equipment. Randy asked if the policy was updated to include the equipment from SFMMA. Ray said that there are 2 policies. One is the club’s liability policy for about $470.00 a year and the other is for the equipment for $1.50 per $1,000.00. Ray also said that the insurance was also modified to include the antennas. Our antennas are about $1,000 a piece. Ernesto will check into it.

Ray asked Frank to please post the minutes and Frank said that he would.

Frank said that there is nothing new about CERT.

Carl asked how everyone liked the new EOC coordinator. Ernesto said that he was looking forward to working with him. It’s great to have someone who understands ham radio and he is very likable.

Ray stated that we need more volunteers. Carl suggested that we need to set up a recruitment committee to recruit new people.

Ernesto said that he wants to set up ham classes. He is an ARRL instructor. We can set up the classes for Friday night, all day Saturday and take your test on Sunday. We can set it up with our VE’s for the testing on Sunday. Carl said that we can use the EOC to set up the classes.

Hollis asked if Harry was still around. Ray said that Harry was doing OK but Gloria is having some problems.

Ernesto asked if there was any other new business.

With no other business, Ernesto thanked everyone for coming. Reminded everyone that he was going to do a laser demonstration for those who wanted to stay. A Motion to close the meeting was made by Randy, seconded by Juliio. Voted and passed.

The DRC meeting was adjourned at 20:13.

Joanne Carbana