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Meeting was called to order at 19:55 with 21 present.

Ernesto presided over the meeting and welcomed everyone. The meeting was broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. Testing was being conducted in the other room.

The microphone was passed around the room and everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign. Ernesto welcomed everyone again. We have a quorum. Robert and Esther are moving and will not be here tonight.

The minutes were posted on the website. Arturo made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, seconded by Victor. Voted and passed.

Dave came in from the testing room. John Steel passed Element 2 and Element 3 for his General. Congratulations John!

Repeater update:

Ray spoke about the 146.760. We’re on it now. Don used it last night. Use it please.

Merritt was not present tonight to speak about the 147.000.

Carl spoke about the 444.200. It is working status is excellent. It has a range to Homestead. It needs to be used more. He stated that we need to use all of our repeaters more so that we don’t lose them.

Robert was not present to speak about the 220.000.

We do not have a guest speaker tonight, but Ray will put on a presentation for us.

Old Business:

At the last meeting, the members asked about the insurance policies of the club and if they were up-to-date with all of our equipment. Ernesto did not have an answer tonight. He will try to have an answer by the next meeting.

Philipe spoke about Field Day. He attended with the Everglades Radio Club at the Boy Scout’s camp. There were more than 25 people transmitting on 6 stations. He also visited Markum Park in Broward County and the Seminole Tribe was there.

Ernesto asked about any other old business and there was none.

New Business:

There is going to be an emergency simulation with John Paul throughout the state. No trucks will be in Miami. One will be in Broward County. Look at South Florida Hams – go to reflectors and register or check out the links.

D-Start with ICOM will host an event statewide.

Ray spoke about the website for the club. Go on line and join the email at Ernesto said that there are options to get no mail or all mail.

Ray did a demonstration about a year ago regarding a computer battery analyzer. He showed us the CBA II demonstration. It’s like a dummy load for a computer. They came out with new software. They now have a free upgrade. No battery meets the specs. He showed how to test a battery via computer. You can find more information at battery_safety.htm or You can Google “Battery Safety” and you will reach Ray’s webpage.

Ernesto said that he will do a demonstration on different types of batteries at another meeting.

Ernesto spoke about phone lines and fiber optics. If the power goes out, you have no phone. Ray brought up the telephone RT. Where he lives they had no backup. Now they have backup power with a generator.

Ray also stated when you buy a battery, look at the digits on the battery. The first two digits or the last two digits, depending on the battery, will be the year the battery was made. Loot at the top before you buy a battery. You may be buying an old battery. Ray spoke about a battery leak. There is no guarantee but he was able to get another one because it leaked before the “best used before” date. If your batter is past this date, the company will probably not honor it.

Ernesto spoke about the new digital TV’s. You can buy a 7” at CVS. Ray said there are websites for DTV converter boxes. Ray showed us on the web that the NTSC is still on the air but operating at lower power. One of the digital portable TV’s cost $107.99. There are no replacement batteries. The first generation of DTV converter boxes and the digital portable TV’s are like cell phones. They get better and cheaper with time. Ernesto stated that in a storm, your c ell phones will go out but armature radio will work.

Hollis did a demonstration of a motor with 4 double A batteries showing how current goes from one motor to another.

Ernesto said that if a member wants to bring in a project, let him know so he can announce it at least a week before the next meeting.

Andy stated that he will bring to the next meeting satellite phones and an infra-red camera for a demonstration.

Virgil asked if anyone present knows how to use a timer clock chip. He has an alarm clock and that there is a pin to make it 24 hour. He wants someone to look inside the clock and then look up the chip online. The past month he has been on 40 meters on HF and needs a clock that shows 24 hours. He wants someone to take the challenge or tell him what to do.

Solar cycles are starting back up again.

Dave spoke about the Smart Metering System. Ray showed us what a new meter looks like. FPL is changing out all of its meters and charging us for them so that they can make more of a profit. Ray said that FPL charges us in advance for them to make money.

Carl stated that Water and Sewer is doing the same thing.

Ray stated that the local water department is against water cut backs on Lake Okeechobee.

Virgil stated that in the “power crunch in the 70’s” everyone reduced power. That put FPL in a bind without enough income for output. If you see a street light out, it is free money for them. Call 1-800-4outage – option 3 street lights and give the pole number to report it.

Annie wanted to know who to call when cherry pickers are working during lightning storms. She was told by Ernesto to look at the side of the truck and call the company. Ernesto asked if there was any other new business.

With no other business, Ernesto thanked everyone for coming. A Motion to close the meeting was made by Victor, seconded by Caesar. Voted and passed.

The DRC meeting was adjourned at 21:15.

Joanne Carbana