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Meeting was called to order at 19:47 with 20 present.

Ernesto was not here tonight as he has a bad cold. Robert presided over the meeting and welcomed everyone. The meeting was broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. Mike is also out sick and therefore there is no testing tonight.

The microphone was passed around the room and everyone took turns and stated their name and call sign. Robert welcomed everyone again. We have a quorum.

Andy will give a demonstration on SAT phones.

The minutes were posted on the website. Caesar made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, seconded by Arturo. Voted and passed.

Old Business:

John advised that name badges will be made once a list of members is finalized. Members need to pay dues for 2009. John will email a dues notice to those listed on the old membership list.

Robert asked about any other old business and there was none.

New Business:

For the past several meetings, the members asked about the insurance policies of the club and if they were up-to-date with all of our equipment. Robert said that the club insurance has to be up-to-date before Hamfest. It expires Oct 6. It is time to renew. Robert asked the insurance company to send an insurance packet to him. Hopefully by the next meeting he will have an answer. Ray stated that they charge $1.50 per $100.00 of value that we place on the equipment. He has the same insurance. They added antennas and towers a few years ago. All equipment is included. All of the equipment in the EOC and all of our repeaters and antennas should be included. Robert will see what is listed and Carl will check on a list of equipment. John stated to make sure that all the equipment in the cabinet is covered. Robert asked all repeater trustees to provide him with an inventory list of the equipment at each repeater site. Philipe said that his radio equipment was hit by lightning and he only paid $48.00 out of pocket. Ernesto did not have an answer tonight.

Philipe spoke about a joint exercise with Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties on October 3, 2009. It will take place between 9:00 AM – 12 Noon. There will be a fixed station here at the EOC with Carl for the SET. There will be mobile participants. There will be another fixed station next to UM in the empty field where the helicopters land. We need mobile volunteers. They are going to use side band, 6 meters; 10 meters, more details will be coming up at the next meeting. It was discussed that the ARPCA meeting is October 3. Hamfest is also set for October 3. There obviously is a conflict.

Repeater update:

Merritt spoke about the 147.000. It’s working. Enjoy it while you can. He stated that they are kicking out a paying tenant because they doubled their rent. They were on a month to month and now they wanted them to sign a 5 year contract. They wanted $10,000.00 from these other people by next month or were told to get out. It is just a matter of time. When the repeater breaks, it’s the end of the road.

Ray spoke about the 146.760. We’re on it now. No changes. Use it.

Carl spoke about the 444.200. It is working. Sometimes it’s going off frequency a little bit.

Robert spoke about the 220.000. Still looking for a home.

Robert announced that the Hamfest was October 17 originally. The Shrinners penciled us in. But someone booked our date and paid in full. Now it will be October 3. It’s the weekend before Melborne. He spoke with the insurance people already. He was able to have the date changed on the flyers. The Shrinners have a lot of tables, but they won’t hold our radios. He wants to buy some wood and fix the tables. We need to get a work crew together. He wants to make some money this year or at least break even. He thinks that it will be worthwhile for out of state vendors this year. Melborne is Oct 10 and 11. Our expenses are the same. He suggested that we use the same prices for the tickets and tables. He will let us know at the next meeting.

We do not have a guest speaker tonight, but Andy will put on a presentation for us with SAT phones. Andy gave a great presentation. He showed us photographs of various deployments. Thanks Andy.

John announced that he brought in two boxes of books if anyone is interested. The price is great – free.

Robert asked if there was any other business. With no other business, Robert thanked everyone for coming. A Motion to close the meeting was made by Caesar, seconded by John. Voted and passed.

The DRC meeting was adjourned at 20:48.

Joanne Carbana